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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Attune Probiotic Chocolate Bars

What an amazing thing! I received these a couple weeks ago and had chance to sample these. Being allergic to dairy I was skeptical at first. How can these taste like a chocolate bar? Well let me tell ya, the are very tasty!
I received Chocolate raspberry, A chocolate coffee, and dark chocolate. All of them were fabulous! My favorite is the Chocolate Raspbery and the Dark Chocolate. I am not a fan of coffee flavored anything but found it still had a good taste. They were creamy which I was surprised with. A lot of dairy free chocolates I have found are not very creamy but these were! Very good texture and the great flavors made for a product I would buy if they come around to my stores I frequent. I think its a great alternative to eating yogurt but still getting those good for ya belly bacteria! I am all in favor of getting those nutrients out of chocolate!
As I understand you can buy these at Whole Foods, select Safeways and on line at their website . Enjoy!

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