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This has been such a positive journey for me over the last 3 years. I actually went Dairy free last September after getting sick once again. I was tired of it and thought, you know maybe what the allergist said was correct, I am allergic to milk! I had allergy testing done in October of 2007 and to my surprise Dairy came up positive. But I lived in a painful denial for almost 2 years.
Since going dairy free I have lost weight, started challenging myself more in my workouts, and my hobby of finding recipes and cooking became an obsession and another new challenge. I decided to start this blog to share and learn more about dairy free cooking and remake some recipes that I have not been able to use because of the dairy in them.
I am a mother of four kids, I have a wonderful supportive husband, I work full time and plan on attending school again. You can find me at the gym, at the trails with my hubby riding or hiking, at the field for my son's baseball games, or in my kitchen of course! I enjoy cooking all types of food and have recently discovered some incredible vegan recipes.
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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Happy Cooking!